Duben 2014

Sweet 3

30. dubna 2014 v 19:34 | Kata-chan |  Sweet
Ozval se výstřel a pár sekund po něm i prásknutí dveří. Ta zvláštní žena s piercingy a neobvyklou barvou vlasů byla pryč. Za to svět kolem Sasukeho a Sakury, jakoby se zastavil.

Jak to vlastně je

27. dubna 2014 v 20:47 | Kata-chan
Zábavný gif na úvod z Pitch Perfect. Ale ano, Let´s be honest (ne lesbi-honest dámy, do toho mám daleko :D). Je načase, abych vyslovila všechno, co chci. Je načase, aby jsem poskytla svým věrným návštěvníkům vysvětlení a malé info z mého života, protože ti, které to zajímá, si to určitě přečtou. Upozornění, tohle nebude snůška výmluv, ale opravdová pravda, jak se můj život změnil s příchodem roku 2014.

It ain´t about the money

22. dubna 2014 v 13:02 | Kata-chan |  Píšu Jednorázovky
Everything changed since Aubrey let stupid rules and the bossy attitude go. The Bellas were now in the hands of Beca, who put a lot of effort into mixing the perfect song for ICCA finals. Every girl did her best to hit the right notes. Even Fat Amy struggled few times through cardio workout just to last longer during the final performance. Aubrey relaxed a lot more, almost got a rid of her issue with puking under pressure and helped the Bellas a lot with creating the perfect choreography. Cynthia-Rose had a great voice for rap lyrics and Stacie brought seductive tones to the right places. Chloe´s problem with nodes turned out to be certain advantage in bass notes. Every single Bella seemed to find and claim their rightful place in the acapella. Except for Lilly.

The Namesake Analysis

19. dubna 2014 v 14:08 | Kata-chan |  Píšu Jednorázovky
"Sheldon! Sheldon, come here!" he was just sitting behind his computer, when he heard Amy´s voice. Without further thinking, he grabbed a large bag placed underneath the table. Pressing number two on his mobile phone, it automatically started dialing Leonard´s number. His best friend and Penny still lived across the hall from them, but this was the fastest way of communication.
Sheldon ran to his bedroom and entered the door like a hurricane. Breathing heavily because of the sudden panic, he noticed his wife peacefully lying on the left side of their bed with a thick book in her hands. The book was supported by her large belly and Amy was happily smiling.
"Well, you finally came." She put the book away and picked up a journal from a nightstand drawer.